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Territory One
Brian Smith, Account Executive
Phone: 800-444-0799, ext. 3034

AB (University of Alberta; University of Calgary)
AL (University of Alabama @ Tuscaloosa)
BC (University of British Columbia; University of Victoria)
CA (Stanford University; University of California @ Los Angeles; University of California @ Berkeley; University of California @ Irvine; University of California @ San Diego)
CO (University of Colorado @ Boulder)
CT (University of Connecticut-Storrs; Yale Divinity School; Yale University)
DC (Georgetown University; Library of Congress)
FL (Florida State University; University of Florida)
GA (Columbia Theological Seminary; Emory University)
IA (University of Iowa)
IL (Center for Research Libraries; Northwestern University; University of Chicago; University of Illinois @ Urbana)
IN (Indiana University; University of Notre Dame)
KY (University of Louisville)
LA (Tulane University)
MA (Boston College; Boston University; Harvard University; Harvard Divinity; University of Massachusetts @ Amherst)
MD (Johns Hopkins University; University of Maryland)
MI (University of Michigan @ Ann Arbor; Western Michigan University)
MO (Washington University)
MS (University of Southern Mississippi)
NC (Appalachian State University; Duke University; University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill)
NE (University of Nebraska @ Lincoln)
NJ (Princeton Theological Seminary; Princeton University Rutgers University)
NM (University of New Mexico)
NV (University of Nevada @ Las Vegas)
NY (Columbia University; Cornell University; New York State Library; New York University; Syracuse University)
OH (Ohio State University; Ohio University; University of Cincinnati)
OK (University of Oklahoma)
ON (University of Toronto; University of Western Ontario)
PA (Pennsylvania State University; Temple University; University of Pennsylvania; University of Pittsburgh)
RI (Brown University)
SK (University of Saskatchewan)
TN (University of Tennessee; Vanderbilt University)
TX (Rice University; Texas A&M Corpus Christi; Texas A&M University-College Station; University of Texas @ Austin; University of Texas @ El Paso; University of Texas @ San Antonio)
UT (Brigham Young University; University of Utah)
VA (Old Dominion University; University of Virginia)
WA (University of Washington)
WI (University of Wisconsin @ Madison)

Territory Two
Carrie Smith, Account Manager
Phone: 800-444-0799, ext. 3020

All other institutions in the United States and Canada not covered in Territory One.

All Editorial and Licensing Inquiries

Cengage Learning
321 Research Parkway, Suite 301
Meriden, CT 06450
Phone: 800-444-0799

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