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Using the Gale PowerSearch platform

Gale PowerSearch, the award-winning platform, allows users to cross-search the content of multiple Gale databases in their library's collection at one time, including any Gale Virtual Reference Library eBooks titles.

In order to cross-search, or "powersearch," multiple Gale periodical resources in your collection, such as General OneFile and/or Academic OneFile, simply follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Choose the Gale online resources you would like to cross-search. In order to determine your choices, simply access the Gale Common Menu for your library's collection. Some libraries will link the Gale Common Menu directly to their Web page; some libraries will link to Gale resources individually by title. In the event that your library links to Gale resources individually by title, just click on the title link and log in. Once you are logged in, select the Change Databases link at the top right-hand corner of the resource to get to your Gale Common Menu.

Step 2: Select the Gale resources you would like to cross-search. Once you are at the Gale Common Menu, select the resources you would like to cross-search by placing a check mark in the select box to the left of the product name. Note: Depending on how your library has configured their common menu, you may also need to deselect certain resources. As a short cut, you may use the Select All field at the top of the page to select or deselect all databases in the collection.

Step 3: Cross-search the content of the selected resources. Simply click on the Continue>> button at the top of the Common Menu.

Step 4: Make your selections permanent. This is an optional step for librarians who would like to provide a link to their patrons where selected resources are always available to be cross-searched. Simply bookmark the URL for your Gale PowerSearch default search Web page and link it to your library's Web site. Consider giving the link a name reflective of the content of the resources you are cross-searching.

Step 5: Begin your "powersearch." Simply enter your topic in any of the available search modes.

Gale PowerSearch offers many search options, including:

  • Basic Search on the homepage
  • Browse Subjects
  • Browse Publications
  • One Search
  • Advanced Search