What's an InfoMark? Get Started with InfoMarks

Q: Do I have to display the full InfoMark/URL on my web page?

A. No. There are two parts to a hyperlink when using html, only the text that describes the link need be displayed. Example <a href="url or InfoMark">Text to displayed</a>

Q: How will my usage statistics be affected by InfoMarks?

A. All InfoMark usage is reflected in the overall database statistics. An infomark created in Expanded Academic and later executed will be added to your usage for Expanded Academic.

Q: Can an InfoMark represent a Marklist?

A. Yes.

Q: Do InfoMarks work with Third party software?

A: Yes. An InfoMark is an URL to a electronic resource and will work with all Third party software; Endnote, Frontpage. etc.

Q: If Gale makes a change to their systems, will my InfoMark still work?

A: Yes. As long as you continue to subscribe to the database used to create the InfoMark.

Q: If I save my searches using InfoMarks, will it include new content whenever I retrieve the InfoMark?

A. Yes. Any new content that meets the search criteria will be displayed.

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