What's an InfoMark? Get Started with InfoMarks

It’s a single-click return ticket to any page, any result, any search from your Gale online resources.

An InfoMark is a stable URL, linked to your Gale online resources. InfoMarks can be used like any other URL*, but they’re better because they’re stable – they don’t change. Using an InfoMark is like performing the search again whenever you follow the link – whether the result is a single article or a list of articles.

Since the technology to create InfoTrac InfoMarks is built into every Gale InfoTrac database and Resource Center, you can:

  • Save time
  • Share information
  • Update information
  • Keep everyone on the same “page”
  • Mark a single article
  • Mark a list of articles
  • Create an advanced search and re-execute it days, weeks or months later.

You can share your InfoMark with anyone else that has access to the same Gale subscription databases – both local and remote users.

It’s the perfect technology tool for creating:

  • Reading lists
  • Course reserves
  • Current awareness topic sites- links to periodical or newspaper sources
  • Online/distance learning courses
  • Bibliographies, reference lists
  • e-Learning sites
  • Electronic journals and periodical directories
  • Teacher lesson plans
  • Student assignments
  • Hot topics

Even more amazing – it’s simple!

If you can “copy and paste,” you can use InfoMarks. When you see the InfoMark icon (the blue ball with the “i”) on a result page, its URL can be copied and pasted into your electronic document – web page, word processing document or e-mail.

  • Once InfoMarks are incorporated into a document, the results are persistent (the URLs will not change) and are dynamic.

By posting an InfoMark you preset a search path that is available to all jointly subscribed users.

Dynamic results – forever up-to-date!

Even though the saved search is used over and over again – at different times by different users – an InfoMark always functions like a brand new search. Each time a saved search is executed, it accesses the latest updated and added information in your Gale Resource Center or InfoTrac databases. That means subsequent InfoMark searches might yield additional or more up-to-date
information than the original search with less time and effort.

You don’t have to share to benefit from InfoMarks.

If you’ve conducted a lengthy search that yields the desired results, you don’t have to re-trace all of the steps to get the same search results at a later time or from a different computer. Just copy and paste an InfoMark then save it in a note to yourself.

InfoMark Features and Benefits:

  • Save searches to automate redundant tasks
  • Ensure that search results are always dynamic and up-to-date
  • Accessibility from remote and local computers encourages collaboration
  • It’s as easy as using the Copy and Paste Commands
  • Provides a link to Web OPACs
  • Enables accurate usage tracking
  • Provides links to specific articles
  • All information is copyright cleared
  • And it’s built right into your InfoTrac database or Resource Center!

Technical Requirements:

Here’s what’s required to create and use InfoMarks:

  • Access to a Gale InfoTrac database or Resource Center
  • Netscape 3.0 and higher, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher.
  • To use InfoMarks, you must set your browser to accept cookies**

* URL is short for "universal resource locator" – it’s the " Web address" or the location of a web site or other resources on the World Wide Web.

** About Cookies –
Some users are concerned about accepting cookies, but you should know that a cookie is a piece of text stored in the browser on the local system. The text cannot act as a virus. It does not collect information from the hard drive. Often, as in this case, accepting cookies allows greater flexibility and maximizes the benefits of Web-based applications.

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