International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences

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More than 2,000 authors contributed to nearly 3,000 entries for the new edition of International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, including:

  • Roger B. Myerson (2007 Co-Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics)
  • Paul Samuelson (Nobel Prize Winner)
  • Robert Solow (Nobel Prize Winner)
  • Lawrence Klein (Nobel Prize Winner)
  • Terry N. Clark
  • Philip E. Converse
  • Richard G. Lipsey
  • Stanley G. Paynes
  • Thomas Pettigrew
  • Edward A. Tiryakian

What’s new

The second edition of International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences incorporates transformative developments in the social sciences, such as:

  • The routinization of the use of applied statistics and mathematical modeling in economics, psychology and sociology
  • The rise of cultural studies, including the study of popular culture
  • The exploration of race, ethnicity, phenotype and identity across the social sciences
  • The emergence of gender studies and women’s studies
  • The “coming out” of queer studies
  • The study of memory as something far more than a biomechanical act
  • The recent construction and development of concepts like “the other”
  • Orientalism
  • Causality
  • Postcolonialism
  • The clash of civilizations
  • The gaze
  • Marginalization
  • Occupational crowding
  • Generation X
  • Gentrification

This new edition is essential to research and study in the disciplines of sociology, political science, economics, anthropology, psychology and other fields, a wide array of topics is explored, including:

  • Achievement testing
  • Aging
  • Agricultural Innovation
  • Brown v. Board of Education
  • Censorship
  • Comparative Health Care Systems
  • Discrimination
  • Feminism
  • Food Security and Consumption Patterns
  • Fundamentalism
  • Green Revolution
  • Income Distribution
  • Iran-Contra Affair
  • Legislation of Ethics and Morality
  • Personality Measurement
  • Political and Economic Aspects of Foreign Aid
  • Political Correctness
  • Terrorism
  • Watergate
  • White Collar Crime
  • And more

Highlights of the new edition include:

  • Expert editing by William A Darity, Jr., Professor of Economics and adjunct faculty in sociology at the University of North Carolina and Research Professor of Public Policy Studies and Economics at Duke University
  • Accessible text written for researchers inside and outside academia; perfect for advanced high school and college students as well as teachers, lay readers and professionals of all kinds
  • Thorough cross-referencing and indexing