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Success Story

The very first book in GVRL that we purchased was Encyclopedia of Food and Culture. We had a dean who was doubtful about electronic reference books. We wanted to purchase one that we knew would meet a need for our students, in order to change the dean's mind about this format. We had Food and Culture in print and it was popular with faculty and students alike in our hospitality and culinary arts programs. In fact, it was - and still is - the favorite book of one of the faculty members. The e-book version quickly became a "must use" resource with students and faculty in that program, too.

The college revamped our Advanced Foods Prep course to focus on foreign foods. Students research the culture of food in different countries. The end products are a 10-page paper about the culture of food and a meal prepared using at least 10 recipes from the country. Yesterday, this semester's class invited another librarian and me to their feast to thank the library for the resources and help that we provide for this assignment. Several students mentioned Encyclopedia of Food and Culture by name and said that it was the basis of their papers. The instructor echoed these comments, bringing this e-book up several times while we were having lunch. (By the way, it was wonderful Central American food!)

Another instructor joined us for the meal and said that he was taking a break from grading papers for his introduction to culinary arts class. This assignment required students to find an article on a topic of interest in Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, then write a summary of the article. He gives this assignment every semester and sees some of the same articles over and over (chocolate is a big favorite!) but also sees a few new ones each time. He always enjoys reading these assignments and often goes back to read the original articles himself.

— Cindy Steinhoff
Anne Arundel Community College
Arnold, MD