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Thomson Gale consistently provides a quality content product and this product certainly rates an A. As more school librarians begin to explore the opportunities of providing ebook content, the popularity of Gale's Virtual Reference Library within schools is sure to grow."
--School Library Journal (December 2006)

"Gale Virtual Reference Library 2.0 is well worth considering, especially for use on the undergraduate as well as in public and school libraries. Summing Up: Recommended."
--Choice Special Issue, August 2006

"This newcomer gets bonus points for allowing users to scan quickly through the Reference titles via the "About this publication" link, with linkable index, table of contents, and illustrations. Selections from Reference titles include a "View other articles linked to these index terms" at the end of each piece. In addition, linked subject terms are displayed at the bottom of each retrieved journal article, allowing searchers to view all related documents within the collection...Kudos for enhancements, as export options have improved considerably with this latest version. Individual citations and/or full records or entire marked record lists can now be emailed, displayed, or printed depending on needs. Full customization is available...If you're looking for a niche collection, Pop Culture eCollection fits the bill, as the database offers a combined 1,526,626 documents for searching and is an affordable way to provide access to this type of material. The PowerSearch platform has excellent features and functionality for general searching, navigation, and cross-search capabilities, and if you are already an InfoTrac customer, the ebook collection will be a nice addition. Geared toward the slightly younger set, the information, illustrations, and chronology of events covered here are key for understanding popular culture trends and fads. Golderman, Gail, and Bruce Connolly. "Top of the pop: Gail Golderman & Bruce Connolly rate pop culture databases. (Pop Culture eCollection)."
--Library Journal, April 2006

"Gale Virtual Reference Library is a file chockablock with useful reference titles for every collection. It offers solid online content across a wide variety of disciplines (e.g., arts, literature, technology). A scholarly file to watch."
--Library Journal, February 2006

"Gale Virtual Reference Library is well worth considering, especially for use on the undergraduate level as well as in public and school libraries."
--Choice, December 2005

"The Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) is hot off the presses - or the electronic equivalent - and it will prove to be a valuable addition to the ever-growing list of e-book services. Numerous adjustments are in store, but the interface is sound. GVRL provides an ideal way to offer either a small collection in new subject areas or, more likely, material that is so popular librarians will want to provide simultaneous use. The features are numerous, and navigation is straightforward, yet the system can be tailored to satisfy the most sophisticated researcher. The persistent URLs allow faculty to integrate text into their syllabi, and reference departments will be pleased with both the presentation of material and the flexibility of use." netConnect, (Winter 2004)

"A major upgrade with a completely updated user interface. New features include cross-product searches between Gale Virtual Reference Library and Infotrac periodical products. Additionally, users will be able to navigate a list of subjects and e-books from the home page, so they can view an e-book without performing a search...A link to the more than 165 titles in xreferplus is also available through subscribing to the ready-reference database. More than 300 e-books will be available on this platform by the end of 2004."
--Booklist (November 2004)

"The fact that libraries can choose to include just the titles they wish to access is a great asset, and the policy of allowing unlimited simultaneous users provides an attractive advantage over NetLibrary."
--Reference Reviews (August 2004)

"Librarians would appreciate the opportunity to pay only for the materials that match our users' information needs...The Gale Virtual Reference Library is a welcome solution to the early problems that plagued e-books, and an excellent example of how a database can make access to good information almost seamless."
--VOYA (August 2004)

"Gale Virtual Reference Library offers libraries the opportunity to select from an initial collection of more than 117 reference sources, encyclopedias, almanacs, and series to create a customized, completely integrated online library of reference works. Each library can customize Gale Virtual Reference Library to fit its needs, selecting from what will be a fast-growing selection of titles to serve children's, academic and general audience needs. Gale manages the library's collection, showing patrons only the titles it has purchased, which can be linked from the library's OPAC through MARC records."
--Library Media Connection (May 2004)

"The content is stellar; it includes some fine encyclopedias, almanacs, and other reference books. It has clear records, nice up-front print or e-mail options, and a helpful how to cite feature. It also has a user-friendly interface and intuitive search features. The dictionary feature is an added benefit. The Gale Virtual Reference Library has good content and a well-designed interface and is easy to use. Recommended for libraries of all sizes..."
--Booklist (April 2004)