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Searching eBooks

Search a single title or an ‘eShelf’ full of reference
Gale Virtual Reference Library 's unprecedented functionality empowers you and your patrons to build and search reference collections like never before. Using tools like our SubCollection Manager and InfoMarks, you can create multiple access points to any set of content you like – thereby significantly increasing usage of your electronic reference collection. For example, your patrons can access specific titles through your OPAC, directly from the Table of Contents or the Index page of a specific eBook. Or, using the InfoMarks tool, you can provide them with a link directly to an article or results from a pre-conducted search.

Gale Virtual Reference Library eBooks can function just like a printed book or a database — it’s up to the user! Patrons can browse a title’s table of contents or the index or a list of illustrations to locate the desired information. However, our e-reference titles also provide patrons with basic search functionality that is simple to use — they can find terms through a keyword search, by article title or within the title of the source. For a more advanced search, Gale Virtual Reference Library supports searches that combine criteria by:

  • Title
  • Keyword
  • Image captions
  • Full text
  • Source titles
  • ISBN

Search Results

Results are delivered at the article level (not a page at a time) in an HTML-based text and graphics format that's designed for speedy display and easy readability. With single-click ease, articles can be printed, e-mailed or displayed as PDF page layouts. Search results can be sorted by article title, by source by relevance, or chronologically. Search terms are highlighted so patrons find answers quickly. Our popular InfoTrac InfoMarks® enable teachers, business professionals and others to share information (articles, reading lists and more) with students, colleagues and friends.

The user experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Navigating a list of subjects and eBooks from the Home Page
  • Viewing an eBook without performing a search
  • Exporting citations(EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager)
  • Generating citations (APA, MLA, tagged format)
  • Downloading entries
  • Generating InfoMarks
  • Selecting text or icons for results display