Lucent Books

Lucent Books publishes educational, nonfiction books that support middle school curriculum and national standards. Created as a sister company in 1987 to Greenhaven Press, Lucent Books continues the tradition of Greenhaven's successful Opposing Viewpoints series, which offers divergent points of view on controversial social, political, and economic issues for high school students.

Like Greenhaven Press, Lucent Books offers students invaluable tools for conducting research and sharpening critical thinking skills. This dedication is evident in such series as Technology 360 – which demonstrates how information technology has evolved, transforming life at work, home and school – Hot Topics, Crime Scene Investigations and Diseases and Disorders.

Since its inception, Lucent Books has developed dozens of series covering wide-ranging topics in social issues, biography, history, health, science, music, art and religion. In all of its books, Lucent strives to present complex ideas and events simply, but with depth and objectivity. Primary and secondary source quotes, which enliven the narratives, have become a hallmark of Lucent's many high-quality nonfiction series.

In November 2000, Lucent Books was purchased by Gale, a publisher of library reference products. As an imprint of Gale, Lucent Books continues to set the standard as a leading publisher of quality nonfiction for middle school researchers.