KidHaven Press

KidHaven Press publishes curriculum-related, nonfiction series for upper elementary students. Written by experienced authors and subject editors and highly illustrated in full color, all titles from KidHaven Press cover topics in a clear yet easy-to-understand manner. Series cover such subjects as biography, environment, health, history, mystery and myth, religion and science. Specifically, Innovators spotlights inventive thinkers and designers from around the world, including those who created such items as the iPod and Kevlar. The Monsters series provides colorful narratives about monstrous creatures and their origins and appeal, and even some first-hand accounts. Mysterious Encounters furthers this exploration with details of paranormal events.

All series strive to present important information through the use of vivid imagery – both in the writing and in the picture selection.

KidHaven Press was purchased by Gale in November 2000, along with sister companies Greenhaven Press and Lucent Books. KidHaven follows the tradition set by Greenhaven and Lucent in producing high-quality nonfiction for the upper elementary grades.