We Have Issues

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With their unique current issues series, Greenhaven Press and Lucent Books promote student comprehension and critical-thinking skills in students of all ages.

Complementing Greenhaven Press' original Opposing Viewpoints series are some exciting new series, all designed to support differentiated learning and critical writing, as well as the curricula in today's classrooms. These series include:

Greenhaven Press also offers At Issue, Constitutional Amendments, Current Controversies, Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints, Issues on Trial, Issues that Concern You, Social Issues Firsthand and others.

Lucent Books, perfect for younger students, offers: American History, Crime Scene Investigations, Diseases and Disorders, Eye on Art, Hot Topics, Lucent Library of Black History, People in the News, Lucent Library of Historical Eras, World History and others.

Plus, you'll find fascinating series from KidHaven Press, such as Innovators, Monsters, Mysterious Encounters and A Taste of Culture.

All series offerings from Greenhaven Press, Lucent Books and KidHaven Press complement classroom curriculum, foster ongoing critical discussions and act as homework aids.

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