Greenhaven Press

Greenhaven Press was founded 40 years ago when it launched its flagship series – Opposing Viewpoints. Based on the idea that those who do not know their opponent's arguments do not completely understand their own, the Opposing Viewpoints series offers divergent points of view on controversial social, political, and economic issues. By using primary sources presented in a pro/con format, the Opposing Viewpoints series offers high school students an invaluable tool for conducting research and sharpening their critical thinking skills.

As the Opposing Viewpoints series has expanded from a handful of books to over 150 volumes, Greenhaven Press has developed other new and innovative series in the areas of American history, world history, global issues, health/medicine, literature and social history. A few examples are Global Viewpoints — which focuses on topics of global significance with anthologies of essays — and Social Issues in Literature, which examines important literary works each through the lens of a major social issue.

As the company has grown, Greenhaven's editors have remained committed to the company's original mission to offer a wide spectrum of points of view on every topic covered.

In November 2000, Greenhaven Press was purchased by Gale, a publisher of library reference products. As an imprint of Gale, Greenhaven Press continues to set the standard as a leading producer of quality nonfiction for the high school library market.