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The economic crisis has many people flocking to their public library for the first time in years to take advantage of free resources like CD/DVDs. They’re also to exploring their options for a career change, or learning more about the hot topics in the news. This influx presents an opportunity for your public library to reintroduce itself as THE hub of information and to foster a global perspective among your patrons helping them make sense of today's world.

Global Issues in Context fills this need and marks the first of a new generation of user-empowering resources designed to support the development of global awareness and information-literacy skills.

Global Issues in Context accomplishes this task by:

  • Utilizing a design influenced by the people who will use it every day. The result is a product that presents global perspectives of international issues through issue/hot topic and country portals acting as gateways to articles, video, audio and more
  • Supporting your diverse audience through international publications and features that allow libraries to reach underrepresented groups in their communities
  • Preparing your users to be global citizens through critical analysis of issues and inspiring civic involvement with links to take-action Web sites like Rock the Vote, Carbon Footprint and others
  • Assisting business professionals looking to do business internationally by teaching them more about their international clients and partners
  • Helping students go beyond simple geographical knowledge, and identify and tie together problems and challenges that may affect us all

Because of this Global Issues in Context is ideal for:

  • Students — Historical context and current viewpoints on the countries and issues studied in high schools and colleges. Podcasts and videos engage and educate.
  • Business professionals — Country profiles provide useful background for business travel to foreign countries
  • Immigrants — International newspapers help maintain connections to countries of origin
  • General patrons — In-depth coverage of issues, events, and conflicts covered in the local newspaper
  • Government — in-depth exploration of issues driving political and economic policy development
  • Corporations — Help prepare employees traveling to and/or stationed overseas
  • Law firms — Proactively protect individuals and/or businesses’ interest by seeing how issues are handled, addressed in the media, etc.
  • And others

Your diverse patronage will appreciate how Global Issues in Context brings seemingly far off matters, ideas and information close to home.