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Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Gale is a proud member of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Click the image for more information.

How can a student gain a global perspective when he or she must view it across a mountain of questionable Web results; a wall of reference volumes; and a daunting array of conflicting opinions? Global Issues in Context extends the life and value of textbooks by providing both historical context and current viewpoints through coverage of countries and issues studied in today’s schools. This informative, easy-to-use resource:

  • Provides content correlated to U.S. national and state social studies and science standards
  • Supports the development of critical thinking and information literacy skills by providing students with the framework they need to evaluate a variety of sources and address a myriad of 21st-century issues
  • Prepares students to be global citizens through critical analysis of issues and extension activities designed to bring awareness to young people
  • Supports middle school and high school coursework — including Advanced Placement — and classroom-based assessment in history, current events, civics, political science, model U.N., economics, cultural/religious studies, women's studies, English composition, and more

Global Issues in Context is the first of a new generation of user-empowering resources, including:

  • User interface that looks and functions like popular news sites
  • Customizable homepage
  • Lexiles reading scores for periodicals
  • Curriculum standards search
  • Web 2.0 features like podcasts, RSS feeds and e-mail forwarding

No matter the need, sixth graders through seniors can benefit from using Global Issues in Context.