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The Country Finder is one gateway to country profiles as well as related issues.

With its unique and easy-to-use design, Global Issues in Context is built around issue and country landing pages. Each landing page consists of:

  • Overview – each 500-700 word essay provides background for understanding the issue or country, why it's important, controversies surrounding it and areas to focus upon
  • Perspectives – editorials, news reports, features and analyses collected from media sources across the globe offer local views and interpretations of issues and events. Featured perspectives include background commentary of the topic
  • More than 400 newspapers, magazines and academic journals — full-text English-language sources such as Australian Quarterly, Bangkok Times, Kyodo News International, BBC, UPI, New York Times, London Times, New African, Al Jazeera, Globes, Moscow Times and more
  • Multimedia – videos, interactive maps, images, podcasts, links to websites and audio for every article. The almost 5,000 videos provide uniquely engaging perspectives. The 40,000 images available are compiled from the world's most highly respected photo journalism providers such as Associated Press, Getty and Corbis. Also, every piece of text appearing in Global Issues in Context is downloadable as an Mp3 file
  • References – 88 proprietary Gale, Macmillan, Charles Scribner’s Sons and UXL titles augment each topic and country
  • Primary Sources – hand-selected for their relevance. Users have access to personal narratives, interviews, speeches and testimony from notable figures such as Nelson Mandela, Noah Chomsky, Ishmael Beah, Anna Politkovskaya and others
  • Statistics – graphs, tables and charts
  • Websites – government and organization sites such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, World Food Programme, United Nations, World Health Organization and more provide great sources for further and follow-up studies
  • Updates – each month Global Issues in Context will add new landing pages, as well as daily updates to existing material

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