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2010 CODiE Finalist

User Experience

Country Portal Page

A new user experience: Country Portal Pages include cultural information, statistics, maps, flags, images, podcasts and more.

Global Issues in Context looks like popular websites, making it easy to use. Country and topic information can be found using a keyword search, browsable topic and issue lists, or the Google Maps-based World Map country and region locator.

Portals bring a clear and consistent organization to the resources available on issues and countries, enabling students and researchers to compare and contrast global perspectives quickly.

Original overviews introduce topics and provide a starting point for research and discussion.

Perspectives, preceded by unique commentaries, include editorials, feature articles, news reports and analysis selected from news sources across the globe that highlight local interpretations and analysis of issues and events.

Related issues allow students to explore similar topics from various viewpoints, perspectives and locations around the world.

Related reference articles and interactive statistics are presented to provide context and tools for in-depth analysis.

Multimedia includes videos, interactive maps, images, podcasts, links to websites, and audio for every article. 

Hand-selected for the highest degree of relevancy, primary sources offer excerpts from personal narratives, interviews, and speeches

Related news from journals, magazines and news sources and websites can be accessed easily via links.

Global Issues in Context features:

  • 225+ country and dependency and 300 issue portal pages – continuously updated. New issues added each month!
  • 400+ international full-text English-language magazines, academic journals and newspapers
  • Unique “perspectives” drawn from editorials, feature articles, news reports and analyses from media sources across the globe providing local views and interpretations of issues and events — many introduced with specially written commentaries for context
  • Translation of documents into eight languages
  • Search functionality to support research beyond the predefined issue and country portal pages 
  • Customizable homepage that allows the user to select news sources to display and set up RSS feeds to stay current
  • Links to related topics show connections among issues
  • Ability to save preferences and documents in personal folders
  • Content level indicators and Lexile scoring to help instructors and students find resources that are suited to different reading abilities
  • Links to the Web sites of organizations such as Amnesty International, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Habitat for Humanity, Greenpeace and many others help users get informed and get involved in the issues they’re researching.