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Global Issues in Context leverages "on the ground" perspectives to provide a holistic view of international events and affairs that impact us all. Use the supplies and aids below to facilitate a greater understanding of our place in the world, the events that shape it and the ultimate interdependency between us.

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  • Curriculum Correlations - Gender Studies [pdf, 2.93 MB]

  • Curriculum Correlations - Health Studies [pdf, 2.72 MB]

  • Curriculum Correlations - Political Science [pdf, 570 KB]

  • Academic [ppt, 4.57 MB]

  • Public [ppt, 6.21 MB]

  • K-12 [ppt, 7.34 MB]

  • Special [ppt, 4.84 MB]

  • Webinar [ppt, 6.74 MB]

  • Fact Sheet for Academic Libraries [pdf, 880 KB]

  • Fact Sheet For K-12 Libraries
    [pdf, 304 KB]

  • Fact Sheet For Public Libraries
    [pdf, 271 KB]

  • Fact Sheet For Special Libraries
    [pdf, 334 KB]

  • Search Tips [pdf, 1.22 MB]


  • Audio Sources [doc, 61 KB]

  • Country Portals [doc, 115 KB]
           Sample - Rwanda [pdf, 485 KB]

  • Issues Portals [doc, 84 KB]
           Sample - Aparthied [pdf, 476 KB]

  • Periodicals [doc, 133 KB]

  • Primary Sources [doc, 81 KB]

  • Reference [doc, 73 KB]