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This imprint encompasses the former Gale Research and Information Access Company products. Gale products have become essentials on the reference shelves of every major library worldwide. Each year, the company publishes hundreds of books, CD-ROMs and Internet-delivered products devoted to serving the information needs of students, businesspeople and other researchers.

Gale's databases range from literature and biography to science and technology to those with general reference appeal, such as its famous associations and media databases. Gale products have garnered more than 300 awards for their exceptional quality and outstanding contributions to the reference field.

Here's what others are saying about Gale's titles:

Eighteenth Century Collections Online

"Gale has launched its Eighteenth Century Collections Online, a remarkable feat of scanning, tagging and OCR searching which has the power to revolutionise 18th century scholarship. ... Gale's Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) is a hugely impressive digitisation project covering almost all of the significant works from the eighteenth century printed in the UK - 150,000 titles in all."

Nick Dempsey, Analyst, Electronic Publishing Services

The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders

"In this good basic treatment of mental disorders, treatments, and medications, project editor Thackery (Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer, CH, Apr '02) offers an introductory source for comprehensive coverage of disorders found in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Well-organized, standardized entries one to three pages in length are written to appeal to nonspecialists. Entries for mental disorders use the following pattern: definitions, descriptions, causes and symptoms, demographics, diagnosis, treatments, prognosis, prevention, and resources. …This set is notable for its broad coverage of psychiatric medications. …Entries are arranged in alphabetical order, and there is a good general index that prints main essay page numbers in boldface and those referring to articles with photos or illustrations in italics. Psychological and medical terms are clearly defined in shaded sidebars, and a separate glossary is appended. … Highly recommended."

Choice, August 2003

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia

"A mainstay in reference work for 30 years, Grzimek's in its second edition builds on the quality of the original by including much new knowledge about animals. The work is repackaged and prominently displays new photographs and drawings. When complete (spring 2004), the encyclopedia will expand from 13 to 17 volumes. The scope will extend from one-celled animals to primates. Whereas the original work used narrative style, the second edition is improved by drawing chapters into specific topic areas; while still enjoyable to read, material is easier to find. The style is readable by nonbiologists, but the treatment has enough detail to be useful to professionals. …The work is unmatched in its scope of coverage. Essential."

Choice, August 2003

World Press Encyclopedia

"Twenty-one years after publication of the first edition, this completely revised work contains articles on the press and media in 232 countries and territories. …World Press Encyclopedia is an excellent reference source providing concise information for material currently dispersed in numerous print and Web sources. Especially valuable is the bibliography at the end of each entry. The Ghana essay, for example, cites a wide variety of sources from American media publications to Ghanaian newspapers. Useful for students, scholars, and those seeking quick information, this unique source is recommended for public and academic libraries."

Booklist, June 2003

Geo-Data: The World Geographical Encyclopedia

"The first new edition since 1989, formerly edited by George Kurian, is a splendid example of what a reference book can be. Its purpose is to provide the reader with the most detailed and comprehensive description available of the physical geography of the countries of the world. It achieves this purpose in an easy to use alphabetical arrangement for all of the world's 207 countries and dependencies… The arrangement lends itself to readers who want to take a country by country approach. This is an excellent reference book that will be valuable for high schools and public libraries as well as academic reference collections. Highly recommended."

Booklist, April 2003

"McCoy's well-designed encyclopedia updates the 1989 edition considerably, a necessity in view of changes in central and eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Africa. Physical geography constitutes this title's greatest strength… Appendixes include its strongest selling point as a ready reference title: 19 world ranking lists, many for limnological, fluvial, oceanic, and elevation features, allowing this volume to serve earth science students as well as general readers. A handy glossary of physiographic terms has been added; typography and binding are first rate. Highly recommended, all levels."

Choice, June 2003

The Hispanic American Almanac

"Hispanics have grown to be the largest minority population in the U.S., surpassing African Americans, so the third edition arrives at an opportune time. It is a thorough resource covering people of the U.S. whose ancestors come from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Central America… Well organized and written at a reading level that is easily understood, this volume is an excellent resource for high school and public libraries for starting research on the Hispanic population."

Booklist, April 2003

"Now in its third edition, this work not only amplifies the previous editions but is a genuine update, including data from the 2000 census… Each chapter supplies references for further reading, and there is an ample general bibliography. The index prints the extensive biographical entries in boldface. Photographs and other illustrations complement the text. The book provides a good balance of historical and contemporary information. Highly recommended, all readership levels and all types of libraries."

Choice, June 2003

New Catholic Encyclopedia: Index

"The final volume of the second edition, containing the index, appeared about six weeks after the fourteen text volumes. The index, printed in triple columns in a highly readable typeface, is very workmanlike, referring to main articles and to names and topics within articles. Volume-page references to main articles are printed in boldface. The index greatly increases the usefulness of the set. Essential. All collections."

Choice, May 2003

Drugs and Controlled Substances

"Written for the teen reader, with many references to teen usage, Drugs and Controlled Substances is a comprehensive reference work for students and would be useful for adult readers as well. It 'covers illegal drugs, legal addictive drugs and other substances, and commonly abused classes of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.' … Currency, scope, and authority are the hallmarks of this highly recommended reference work that should be found in most school and public libraries. For the high-school level, it offers much more depth than The Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol (Watts, 2002), which has been a standard resource in middle-and high-schools."

Booklist, March 2003

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, Vol's 8 - 11: Birds

"Originally published in German in 1967 and translated into English in the 1970s, Grzimek's earned a reputation as the most comprehensive and authoritative information source on animals. Now this acclaimed encyclopedia is being completely revised to incorporate more than 30 years of scientific knowledge and discovery… Retaining the character of the first edition, the editors focused on updating the information and revising the text, but the most significant change is a vastly improved structure. Well-organized sections replace the long, endless narratives characteristic of the first edition, thus making the revised edition much easier to use, especially for the nonbiologist… Over 5000 color illustrations and 3500 maps were created specifically for this edition.
Approximately 3500 new color photographs are included as well… Even after 30 years, the original Grzimek's is still considered a core title for reference collections. Biologists and nonbiologists alike will appreciate the excellent organization, well-written text, and beautiful illustrations. Gale will also publish e-books of the volumes, available through netLibrary, as the printed editions come out. Judging from the volumes released thus far, users will not be disappointed with this new edition. Highly recommended for all types of libraries."

Library Journal, February 2003

"This substantial reorganization now clearly separates the general descriptions of animal orders and families from the species accounts. Distribution maps have been vastly improved, and the text is accompanied by numerous color photographs, plates, and other graphics. Nearly 100 ornithologists, curators, professors, and zookeepers contributed to the bird volumes, and a brief bibliography has been appended to each section. Taxonomic controversies are carefully noted. Don't discard the earlier set, however; much of the anecdotal material in the original Grzimek set, deleted for space, remains valid and supplements the revised text well.

C&RL News, 2003

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