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Learn to recycle, reduce, reuse and revere with Environmental Resources from Gale

Tips to Go Green

Why go green?

  • De-stress the planet
  • Improve your health
  • Save money

What actually is "green"?

  • Materials made from salvaged or recycled materials
  • Provide alternatives to products with particularly high environmental impacts
  • Reduce specific impacts of construction, such as erosion
  • Reduce impacts of building operation by reducing energy or water use
  • Contribute to a safe, healthy indoor environment

How do I go green?

  • Unplug your phone charger. According to Nokia, if only 10 percent of the world's mobile phone users unplugged their chargers from the power supply once the battery is full, we could save enough energy to power 65,000 homes a year
  • Pay your bills and receive statements electronically
  • Construction utilizing sustainable architecture
  • Recycle your phone. Up to 80 percent of a cell phone is already recyclable: the batteries, once neutralized, yield reusable metals like iron and aluminum. Components like the wiring board and LCD screens provide gold, silver and copper
  • Plant native trees and plants. Native trees, plants and grasses use less water. One reason is that homeowners have been encouraged to use less grass and more native plants and shrubs that consume less water in their landscapes
  • Take your car out for a wash: with pumps and high-pressure nozzles, automatic car washes use up to 100 gallons less per vehicle. And most recycle rinse water, too

These facts and more are available in Academic OneFile, General OneFile and Environmental Studies & Policy Collection.

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