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Activities from Experiment Central

U·X·L's Experiment Central 4-vol. set offers 100 experiments and projects for students in nine key science curriculum fields — Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Ecology, Geology, Meteorology, Physics and Scientific Method. Each experiment is divided into seven standard sections designed to help students follow the experimental process clearly from beginning to end.

Here are 12 ecology-related experiments for you to try:
(Before starting any of the experiments listed be sure to read the instructions carefully, as well as the Parent's and Teacher's Guide.)

Acid Rain and Animals: How does acid rain affect brine shrimp?

Building a Desert Biome

Acid Rain and Plants: How does acid rain affect plant growth?

Building a Temperate Forest Biome

Aquifers: How do the become polluted?

Erosion: Does soil type affect the amount of water that runs off a hillside?

Groundwater: How can it be cleaned?

Plants and Erosion: How do plants affect the rate of soil erosion?

Composting: Using organic material to grow plants

Stream Flow: Does the stream meander?

Living Landfill: What effect do the microorganisms is soil have on the decomposition process?

Weathering Erosion in Glaciers: How does a river make a trench?


Source: Experiment Central. U·X·L, 2000.


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