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Hispanic Heritage

Desfile de la Hispanidad/
Hispanic Day Parade, NYC


Hispanics from all over the world have congregated in New York City every October since 1965 for the Hispanic Day Parade. "With so many Spanish-speaking countries in South and Central America, the Caribbean and Europe, we celebrate the many cultures that are unique to each country and take pride in our own cultural identity," say the promoters of the important event.

Activities for you to try:

The Hispanic Day Parade comes as Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, but the United States enjoys its Hispanic traditions and influences all year long. To celebrate Hispanic Day, learn some Spanish phrases — you probably know more than you think!

Buenos días ... Good morning
Hasta la vista ... Till we meet again
Muchas gracias ... Many thanks
De nada ... You're welcome
Cómo se llama usted? ... What's your name?
Cómo está usted? ... How are you?
Estoy muy bien, gracias. ... I am well, thank you.
Qué hora es? ... What time is it?
Dónde está el baile? ... Where is the dance?

Numbers: (one through ten)
Uno – dos – tres – cuatro – cinco – seis –siete – ocho – nueve – diez

Days of the Week
el lunes ... Monday
el martes ... Tuesday
el miércoles ... Wednesday
el jueves ... Thursday
el viernes ... Friday
el sábado ... Saturday
el domingo ... Sunday

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