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Oct. - Dec. 2011

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Pub DateISBNBSBSATitleAuthorPBNCRGenrePriceOpt. TitleQty
Five Star Expressions
11/16/119781432825430  Promise Me ForeverAmos‚ Diane  Historical Romance$25.95 
12/16/119781432825416  Haunted Twist of Fate‚, ACoverstone‚ Stacey  Paranormal Romance$25.95 
10/21/119781432825478  Time Seam‚, TheKelso‚ Sylvia  Romantic Suspense$25.95 
12/16/119781432825454  Where She BelongsProcter-King‚ Cindy  Romance$25.95 
10/21/119781432825379  Promise KeeperSchoenecker‚ Mary Fremont  Contemporary Romance$25.95 
11/16/119781432825492  Visionary‚, TheThibodeaux‚ Pamela S.  Inspirational$25.95 
Five Star Mystery
10/21/119781432825485  Sťance in SepiaBlack‚ Michelle  Historical Fiction$25.954
11/16/119781432825683  Bones Under the Beach HutBrett‚ Simon NCRCozy Mystery$25.95 
10/21/119781432825447  Murder by Music: The Wedding QuiltGraham‚ Barbara  Cozy Mystery$25.95 
10/21/119781432825065  Picture of LiesHarrison‚ C. C.  Mystery$25.95 
11/16/119781432825508  Throwaway GirlHeinzmann‚ David  Mystery$25.95 
11/16/119781432825362  Poison‚, Your GraceHerring‚ Peg  Historical Fiction$25.95 
12/16/119781432825423  Family WayLewin‚ Michael Z.  Mystery$25.954
12/16/119781432825102  Compassion of Father Dowling‚, TheMcInerny‚ Ralph  Cozy Mystery$25.95 
11/16/119781432825164  Ronnie Gene‚, TheMills‚ Jon  Mystery$25.954
12/16/119781432825515  Murder in ArgelesNelson‚ D-L  Mystery$25.95 
10/21/119781432825355  Death's Long ShadowRoby‚ Kinley  Mystery$25.95 
12/16/119781432825461  Winslow Incident‚, TheVoss‚ Elizabeth  Suspense$25.95 
Five Star Western
12/16/119781594149405  Legacy of a Lawman: A Western StoryBoggs‚ Johnny D.  Western$25.951
12/16/119781432825232  Red Well: A Western Trio‚, TheBrand‚ Max  Western$25.952
10/21/119781432825263  Train's Trust: A Western StoryBrand‚ Max  Western$25.951
11/16/119781432825522  Desert Steel: A Western StoryHolmes‚ L. P.  Western$25.951
11/16/119781432825225  Last Gun: A Western Duo‚, ThePaine‚ Lauran  Western$25.952
10/21/119781432825195  Hang Him High: A Western DuoPatten‚ Lewis B.  Western$25.952
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