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Mar. - Apr. 2012

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Pub DateISBNBSBSATitleAuthorPBNCRGenrePriceOpt. TitleQty
Five Star Choice 1
3/21/129781432825744*  Daquiri Dock MurderFrancis‚ Dorothy  Mystery$25.95 
4/20/129781432825775*  Death Will Extend Your VacationZelvin‚ Elizabeth  Mystery$25.95 
Five Star Choice 2
3/21/129781594149115*  Blood StormBrooks‚ Bill  Western$25.951
4/20/129781432825874*  Unresolved Seventh‚, TheHelms‚ Richard  Thriller$25.95 
Five Star Mystery
3/21/129781432825751  InterlockAlexander‚ Gary  Mystery$25.95 
3/21/129781432825744  Daquiri Dock MurderFrancis‚ Dorothy  Mystery$25.95 
4/20/129781432825874  Unresolved Seventh‚, TheHelms‚ Richard  Thriller$25.95 
3/21/129781432825720  With Full MaliceHill‚ Brenda  Thriller$25.954
4/20/129781432825867  Jury RigKaul‚ Korey  Mystery$25.954
4/20/129781432825850  Rooted in DangerOdell‚ Terry  Mystery$25.95 
3/21/129781432825737  Death LegacySeewald‚ Jacqueline  Mystery$25.95 
4/20/129781432825775  Death Will Extend Your VacationZelvin‚ Elizabeth  Mystery$25.95 
Five Star Western
3/21/129781432825591  Son of an Outlaw: A Western StoryBrand‚ Max  Western$25.952
3/21/129781594149115  Blood StormBrooks‚ Bill  Western$25.951
4/20/129781432825607  Rainbow Range: A Western StoryHorton‚ Robert J.  Western$25.951
4/20/129781432825614  Man Behind the Gun: A Western DuoPaine‚ Lauran  Western$25.952
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