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Jan. - Feb. 2012

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Pub DateISBNBSBSATitleAuthorPBNCRGenrePriceOpt. TitleQty
Five Star Choice 1
1/18/129781432825546*  Shear MurderCohen‚ Nancy J.  Cozy Mystery$25.95 
2/15/129781432825577*  City of Rocks: A Western StoryZimmer‚ Michael  Western$25.951
Five Star Choice 2
2/15/129781594153792*  RedemptionFlora‚ Kate  Mystery$25.95 
1/18/129781432825553*  War Comes to the Big Bend: A Western StoryGrey‚ Zane  Western$25.951
Five Star Mystery
1/18/129781432825546  Shear MurderCohen‚ Nancy J.  Cozy Mystery$25.95 
1/18/129781432825539  Shedding Light on MurderDriscoll‚ Patricia  Cozy Mystery$25.954
1/18/129781432825706  Ancient SpiritsDuncan‚ Alice  Historical Fiction$25.95 
2/15/129781594153792  RedemptionFlora‚ Kate  Mystery$25.95 
1/18/129781432825676  Murder in a BasketFlower‚ Amanda  Cozy Mystery$25.95 
2/15/129781594153785  Paradise FallsJacobs‚ Jonnie  Mystery$25.954
2/15/129781432825713  Devil's Bones‚, TheSweazy‚ Larry D.  Mystery$25.95 
2/15/129781432825669  Death‚, Island StyleToussaint‚ Maggie  Cozy Mystery$25.95 
Five Star Western
1/18/129781432825553  War Comes to the Big Bend: A Western StoryGrey‚ Zane  Western$25.951
1/18/129781432825560  Fighting Man: A Western DuoOverholser‚ Wayne D.  Western$25.952
2/15/129781432825584  Outlaws of the Brasada: A Western DuoSavage‚ Jr.‚ Les  Western$25.952
2/15/129781432825577  City of Rocks: A Western StoryZimmer‚ Michael  Western$25.951
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