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Frequently Asked Questions and Catalog Help

What if the material on my page is cut off?

Click on the printer icon located on the product description page
(this will print the material on the page without the navigation.)

Click on "OK" from pop-up printer box.

Why doesn't Gale display subscription pricing?

Our electronic resources are an economical and efficient way to provide multiple users with the most current, balanced and accurate information possible. Unlike print products that have fixed costs, electronic product pricing must take into consideration the number of users, delivery format, consortia relationships and much more. Please call us toll-free (in the U.S. and Canada) at 1-800-877-GALE for details.

I know this title exists, why can't I find it?

Perhaps your search needs to be widened to include both the title and the subtitle. To perform this type of search you need to use the Advanced Search function. At the Advanced Search you can enter the main title, i.e. The KidHaven Science Library, or the subtitle, i.e. Germs and then click search by Title and Subtitle. The Quick Search function on the Gale home page is a main title search only.

What should I do if I am having problems printing using the Print Icon in Internet Explorer?

You may need to modify your printer settings. After clicking on the print icon, the print setup menu will appear. If there is an options tab, click on it. Then click on the "Print all linked documents" box. (If there is no options tab, "Print all linked documents" will appear in the lower left corner of the print setup page.) When this box is marked, click on the 'Print' button to print desired page.

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