Gale Presents Books & Authors


Making connections, building relationships

When you make Books & Authors a part of your library, you’re helping build a strong community of book lovers within your community, city, country and around the world. It’s this sense of community that puts Books & Authors ahead of its competitors — it’s not there to sell books.

Books & Authors promotes reading! Books & Authors offers each library — and user — a unique experience — one that they are a part of from creation to execution based on their needs and interests.

You’re providing a tool that connects great books to readers and connects readers to other readers who in turn promote their favorite books … all of which can be found in your library.

Utilize Books & Authors’ customizable templates to build readership, promote special events, announce new additions to your collection and build interest in book clubs, study groups, reading workshops and more. Books & Authors is a resource that can be adapted to meet your needs and adapted again when those needs change. Watch it grow, expand and become a pillar in the book-lover community and become the source the community turns to time and time again.

Even users on the Web can become members of your community. It's as easy as one, two, three: