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For more than 35 years, Greenhaven Press® and Lucent Books® have been promoting student comprehension and critical-thinking skills in students of all ages with their unique current issues series.

Complementing Greenhaven Press's original Opposing Viewpoints series are some exciting new series, all meant to further support differentiated learning and critical writing, as well as the range of curricula in today’s classrooms.

These series include:

  • Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints
  • Issues on Trial
  • Social Issues Firsthand
  • Writing the Critical Essay: An Opposing Viewpoints Guide

Greenhaven Press also offers At Issue, Current Controversies, Examining Issues Through Political Cartoons and History of Issues.

Lucent Books, perfect for younger students, offers Contemporary Issues and Overview.

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Fact Sheets
Fueling the Future [pdf, 1.42 MB]

Hot Topics [pdf, 755 KB]

Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints
[pdf, 125 KB]

Issues That Concern You
[pdf, 745 KB]

Opposing Viewpoints in American History [pdf 1.45 MB]

Perspectives on Diseases and Disorders [pdf, 955 KB]

Social Issues Firsthand
[pdf, 1.41 MB]

Social Issues in Literature
[pdf, 1.60 MB]

Writing the Critical Essay
[pdf, 1.18 MB]

New Issues:

New Issues [xls, 64KB]

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