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Our two new series are designed to stand on their own, or work in tandem with the other Opposing Viewpoints series. Despite their close connection to the original series, both new series are vital for all libraries and media centers serving the varied reading and learning needs of their students.

All three series (Opposing Viewpoints, Introducing Issues and Writing the Critical Essay) feature:

  • Pro/con format
  • Primary source documents
  • Extensive backmatter including Web site listings, glossary and bibliography
  • No content overlap from volume to volume or series to series
  • Development of critical thinking skills

The Opposing Viewpoints series is unique in its:

  • Size — 160-224 pages per volume
  • Primary source references — 22-24 per volume
  • Textual presentation of information

In addition to their shared features, Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints offers students:

  • 112 pages per volume
  • 8-10 primary sources with emphasis on mainstream periodicals
  • More learning aids such as “Fast Facts,” charts, graphs, 30 color photographs and an appendix
  • Lower reading level, making it more accessible to younger readers
  • Bright and engaging style — perfect for students who benefit from a graphical and textual approach to learning

While Writing the Critical Essay: An Opposing Viewpoints Guide provides students with these select features:

  • 112 pages per volume
  • 8 primary sources
  • Everything a student needs to write a five-paragraph essay and other persuasive writing assignments including model essays, tips and primary sources
  • Support of increased writing competency which assists in student achievement on standardized testing

To illustrate how these titles stand alone and work together, see the Terrorism example below:

Opposing Viewpoints Content
Click on the image for a larger version.

As seen in the chart, the Opposing Viewpoints product line offers a variety of options for the student looking for information on terrorism. Depending on variables such as age, reading level, learning and content-type preference, the product line offers an approach for everyone.