Foster 21st centurty learning skills and student achievement

New theories of learning. Groundbreaking technology. Evolving standards of assessment and measurement. Now more than ever, teachers depend on professional development to foster student achievement and create successful 21st century learners. Yet with current budget and time constraints, it's never been more challenging to deliver effective resources to all teachers and administrators in a school or district.

Gale and our publishing partners are committed to providing a solution that connects education professionals with the latest research, strategies and ideas that will enable them continually to improve their effectiveness in the classroom. Gale offers instant access to more than 100 reference eBooks and 1,100 periodicals covering all major areas of professional development, including:

  • Curriculum development
  • Instructional design
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Technology integration
  • Information literacy
  • Assessment and measurement
  • And more

Purchase one title or dozens. Combine the purchase of Gale's Educator's Reference Complete with select eBooks from Gale Virtual Reference Library. With Gale PowerSearch technology, all resources are cross-searchable so you can create a custom resource center matched with your district's professional development goals and budget.

Partnership For 21st Century Skills

Who will use this site?

  • Teachers
  • Curriculum development directors
  • Principals
  • Students in collegiate teaching programs