For decades, the New Catholic Encyclopedia has been prized for its presentation of people and subjects related to Catholicism and the humanities. Among the 12,000 authoritative, peer-reviewed entries in New Catholic Encyclopedia are in-depth articles that support research on theology, philosophy, history, literary figures, saints, music and much more. Now, in partnership with the Catholic University of America, New Catholic Encyclopedia (2nd ed., 15 vols.) continues its tradition of scholarly excellence.
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Supplement 2010: Modern History and the Church

The new Supplement 2010 focuses on the WWII years and beyond. It includes about 200 entries on men and women who have been beatified or canonized since 2003. Most of the beatified are new entries – those not appearing in the 2nd edition – while the saints’ entries are largely revised and updated from the 2nd edition. This two-volume supplement has more new entries than those that have been revised or updated.

Supplement 2010 complements:

  • Supplement 2009: The Church and Science and The Church in the United States
  • Jubliee Volume: The Wojtyla Years

Future supplements include:

  • Supplement 2011: Literature, Music and the Arts
  • Supplement 2012: Philosophy and Ethics

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