Putting the “ease” in legalese

Gale LegalForms offers simple searching and browsing tools designed to save users time by providing several options that reflect the way users locate useful information:


Users have two ways for exploring content without executing a search:

Browsing by Sample Searches

When users locate their desired form, they simply click on the title to display details about the form and to access the download link.

Browsing Categories by Alphabet

The A-Z search will return a list of form categories. Click on the category to view all forms within that particular category.

If your library subscribes to more than one state's forms, users simply select the specific state and then choose specific documents in the following legal subject areas:

View all subjects

  • Affidavits
  • Amendment of Lease
  • Application Forms
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Assignment of Contract
  • Assignment of Lease
  • Bad Checks
  • Bankruptcy Forms
  • Bill of Sale Form
  • Bill of Sale - Auto
  • Bill of Sale - Boat
  • Buy and Sell Agreements
  • Cancellation of Lease
  • Check List
  • Cohabitation
  • Construction Liens
  • Copyright Forms
  • Corporate Contracts
  • Corporate Dissolution
  • Corporate Incorporation
  • Corporate Records Maintenance Package
  • Corporate Resolutions
  • Corporate Stock Options
  • Corporation Professional
  • Deed Forms
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Dissolution of Limited Liability Company
  • Divorce Forms
  • Divorce Settlement Agreements
  • Divorce Worksheets
  • Easements
  • Elder Law Handbook
  • Employment Application
  • Employment HR Forms
  • Employment Law Handbook
  • Equipment Lease Forms
  • Farm Lease Forms
  • Financial Statements
  • Heirship Affidavits
  • LLC Formation
  • LLC Dissolve
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Landlord Tenant Handbook
  • Landlord Tenant Closing Statement
  • Landlord Tenant Inventory Forms
  • Landlord Tenant Termination Notices
  • Lead Paint Disclosure Forms
  • Lease Addendums
  • Lease Amendment
  • Lease Application
  • Lease Cancellation
  • Lease Options
  • Lease Purchase Agreement
  • Lease Sublease
  • Lease Subordination
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  • Living Trust Forms
  • Living Wills
  • Mortgages & Deeds of Trust
  • Mortgage Assignment
  • Mortgage Assumption
  • Mortgage Satisfaction
  • Name Change Forms
  • Partnership Forms
  • Paternity Law Handbook
  • Patent Trademark Handbook
  • Pet Law Handbook
  • Power of Attorney - All Forms
  • Power of Attorney - Child Care
  • Power of Attorney - Durable
  • Power of Attorney - Health Care
  • Power of Attorney - Limited
  • Power of Attorney - Revocations
  • Pre-Incorporation Agreement
  • Premarital Agreements
  • Real Estate Closing Forms
  • Real Estate Handbook
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  • Residential Leases
  • Residential Lease Amendment
  • Residential Lease Application
  • Sample Letters
  • Small Estate Forms
  • Technology and Internet Forms
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  • Waiver and Release Forms
  • Wills for People with Adult Children
  • Wills for People with Minor Children
  • Wills for People with No Children
  • Wills for Widow or Widower
  • Will Codicil or Amendment
  • Will to Trust - Pour Over Will
  • Wills - Complex
  • Wills - Estate Planning Questionnaire
  • Wills - Living
  • Wills - Mutual


Users can find and retrieve, download, fill out, save or print the most up-to-date legal forms using two search queries:

Keyword Search By Category

Click on the Category button. Users simply enter a keyword or phrase and hit "enter." Within each category are specific titles of the forms, for example: POWER OF ATTORNEY – DISABILITY. Users can scroll through these results and when the desired form is located, click on the form title, then click on the desired format and that form will open in a new window.

Keyword Search By Title

A Title search searches the forms' title description for a word or combination of words. Click on the Title. Users enter a search term or phrase and results matching the search criteria are returned.

Search Results

All forms are officially approved and/or drafted by attorneys. In fact, many lawyers and law offices use the forms found in Gale LegalForms in their practices. Forms approved for all states begin with the suffix US, while state-specific forms begin with that state's abbreviation. Once the user finds the desired form, it can be previewed to ensure it is the correct form, then opened in any of the available formats. The form can be filled out and saved on the computer for later use or printing.