An updated collection of relevant, useful legal forms

Continuously updated to reflect the latest state laws, Gale LegalForms has been enhanced to provide users with a streamlined user interface, new content and strong functionality — making it the most robust online collection of legal forms available. Recent enhancements and features include:

  • Law Digest — this unique module provides law summaries for all 50 states and information generally applicable to all states. Within each Law Digest entry users will find additional resources, including government organizations and their contact information, bibliography for further research and links to related subjects
  • Legal Q & A — a collection of legal questions with answers from an attorney, arranged alphabetically. Answers and explanations are arranged alphabetically and presented in laymen's terms, so information is easily understood.
  • Attorney Directory — a unique listing of attorneys who offer their services at some of the most competitive rates available today
  • Editable Forms — Forms and documents available in Word format can generally be edited and used with minor modifications to suit users' needs by simply "filling in the blanks" with relevant and accurate information
  • Stronger search functions — designed for all user levels
  • Product descriptions — a brief overview describing what the form is used for and any applicable state law requirements
  • Improved navigation — allows important, core content to be highlighted