Science in Context

Supporting high school curricula and university coursework, Science in Context features authoritative information for assignments and projects, and provides detailed coverage of popular subjects. From earth science and life science, to space, technology, mathematics and science history and biography, this revolutionary, curriculum-oriented online experience is designed to boost achievement for students and researchers.

Science in Context delivers integrated content through comprehensive reference sets from Gale Encyclopedia of Science, Chemical Elements, Science in Dispute and Macmillan Science Library, as well as:

  • Topic overviews
  • Biographies
  • Periodical articles from noted publications like "Science Weekly", "Science News" and "The Science Teacher"
  • Images and videos
  • Detailed experiments from Experiment Central
  • Biographies
  • Dictionaries

And to support secondary teachers, Science in Context features the Science Standards search of full-text results linked to national and state science standards for grades 9-12. Science Standards allows educators to search for content aligned to the most current state and national high school science standards. Standards are linked to one or more Gale vocabulary subjects, creating a dynamic search that will change as new content is added. You’ll find:

  • National Science Education Standards links
  • Project 2061 Benchmarks for Science Literacy links
  • Customized links to state standards
  • Individual sets of state standards are listed and detailed, with aligned Science Resource Center results automatically linked and ready for your review
Science in Context