Student Resources in Context

For a generation accustomed to using the web to find their answers, Student Resources in Context is a cross-curricular breakthrough.

This next-generation portal reaches out to today’s students with a Web-like user experience, which intuitively conveys needed information on all core subjects from Science to Literature to History. From the eye-catching, media-rich homepage to the fast navigation options, Student Resources in Context helps students develop both research and critical-thinking skills while covering the spectrum of student-focused subject matter.

Student Resources in Context provides holistic topic perspectives by integrating a multitude of content, including:

  • Reference articles from acclaimed publications like American Decades
  • Periodical and newspaper articles from the "New York Times", "USA Today", and many others
  • Primary sources
  • Multimedia records, including charts, graphs, maps and tables
  • Video and audio content from NBC, NPR and many other respected sources
Gale. Student Resources in Context.