See the Benefits

The new In Context learning environment builds collaboration between librarians, educators and students:

  • This online solution was designed for the student looking to complete an activity, the educator who is planning and instructing lessons, and for the librarian helping teach 21st-century skills and information literacy. Whether used for homework help, writing a dissertation or lesson planning, the In Context experience strives to enhance student’s overall achievement
  • Relevant, media-rich and up-to-date content aligned to state, national and international curriculum standards in the core subject areas — History, Science, Literature, Geography and others — makes the different topical editions ideal for cross-curricular and contextual study
  • In Context portal pages look and function just like the websites students use today. These image-rich pages provide a comprehensive look at topics through a combination of overviews, “Expert Picks,” featured media and multiple content formats to promote the discovery, evaluation and application of information
  • As an online solution, the new revolutionary In Context resource gives students and educators 24/7 access to the library’s traditional resources — putting award-winning, authoritative reference material at students’ fingertips wherever, and whenever they need it the most — in the library, in the classroom or at home

The new In Context online learning experience supports 21st-century skills development with quality content and engaging functionality.